2015 Law Enforcement Recognition Award Winners

The Cascade County DUI Task Force recognized four of our local law enforcement officers on the 26th of May, 2015 for their various and continued efforts to combat drunk and impaired driving in Cascade County in 2014. Two prosecuting attorneys were also recognized for their efforts in prosecuting these offenders. The 14th annual law enforcement recognition ceremony was conducted at the Great Falls Pre-Release Center which is the home of the Task Force and honored the following law enforcement professionals:

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper David Baggs. Trooper Baggs has made a great impact in combating drunk or impaired driving in Cascade County. In 2014, Trooper Baggs not only led Montana Highway PatrolMontana Highway Patrol Trooper David Baggs District 2 with 25 DUI arrests, but expedited all cases through accurate investigative and reporting procedures resulting in successful prosecution. Highly knowledgeable in his career field, Trooper Baggs not only provides training to his fellow troopers on prevention, arresting, and proper DUI investigation procedures, but he also instructs students at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy resulting in other knowledgeable Troopers to combat DUI offenders. Trooper Bagg’s dedication in regards to his profession in all areas benefits not only himself and the Cascade County Highway Patrol Division but the Citizens of our County as well. We appreciate you.





Deputy Steve Brunk. Deputy Brunk represents the Cascade Country Sheriff’s Office in a consistently outstanding manner. In 2014, responses to 144 RADD reporting’s wereOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA made resulting in 30 DUI arrests. The Patrol Division had 19 Deputy initiated DUI stops resulting in a total of 49 arrests. For the second year in a row, Deputy Brunk was the overall leader in the number of arrests made. A seasoned professional, Deputy Brunk also serves as a Field Training Officer. His training of less experienced Officers proper procedures in all law enforcement areas including the negative impact of drunk/impaired driving has on the County is commendable. Deputy Brunk’s effective training style, knowledge base, and overall commitment has directly resulted in producing a higher caliber of new eputies ready to perform their duties in a faster time frame. Congratulations.



Senior Police Officer Kevin Supalla. The Great Falls Police Department has recognized Senior Police Officer Kevin Supalla as a top-notch Officer. Since beingSenior Police Officer Kevin Supalla (2) assigned to the Great Falls Police Department, Officer Supalla’s immediate interest in DUI enforcement became apparent as one of his top priorities. His impressive 19 DUI arrests in 2014 resulted in 26% of the total team arrests in that area. Officer Supalla’s professional approach during his investigations and detailed reporting procedures of DUI cases minimizes correction from supervisors resulting in expedited prosecution. The Cascade County DUI Task Force appreciates the efforts Officer Supalla has made towards curbing drunk/impaired drivers in our city. Congratulations and thank you.




Technical Sergeant Robert A. Harmon. Technical Sergeant Harmon has been a driving force in combating drunk or impaired driving on Malmstrom, AFB. In 2014, Technical SergeantTechnical Sergeant Robert A. Harmon (2) Harmon personally apprehended five DUI offenders and assisted junior patrolmen in the apprehension of six others. As a Senior Patrolman, Technical Sergeant Harmon standardized field sobriety training procedures with the Montana Highway Patrol resulting in fifty properly trained security force personnel in the use of the Intoxilyzer 8000. Additionally, he has led numerous base-wide vehicle spot checks as a show of force to deter not only drinking/impaired driving, but that of seat belt usage. Congratulations for being recognized for your outstanding efforts.





Deputy County Attorney Josh Racki. Mr. Josh Racki has been recognized by his superiors as a highly motivated, skilled, and tenacious practitioner of his craft. From the veryDeputy County Attorney Josh Racki 2 (2) beginning, his deep interest in DUI’s and other traffic related cases and successful prosecution of them has been commendable. Mr. Racki’s convictions in a number of serious DUI crashes, two of which were negligent homicide cases, has resulted him being considered as being as one of the top crime prosecutors in the state by his superiors. A true leader, Mr. Racki frequently provides advice and guidance to less seasoned prosecutors in a wide range of cases, particularly DUI’s. The Cascade County DUI Task Force appreciates his commitment and drive in successfully prosecuting DUI offenders within our county.




Assistant City Attorney Cassidy Blomgren. Ms. Cassidy Blomgren has been a key player in enforcing laws against drunk or impaired driving in our City of Great Falls. In 2014, Ms.Assistant City Attorney Cassidy Blomgren (2) Blomgren was responsible for seventy seven DUI prosecutions and assisted other attorneys in one hundred nine more. Through much effort, Ms. Blomgren was instrumental in convincing the courts to accept Drug Enforcement Experts as witnesses to impaired driving cases as well as Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus tests thus ushering in a new era of drugged driving prosecution. Additionally, Ms. Blomgren takes time out of her busy schedule to be a member of the Cascade County DUI Task Force. Ms. Blomgren’s efforts have made our City a safer place to live in. We salute you.

Jerry Kelley,